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Suggested Itineraries in Morocco
The wide variety that Morocco has to offer can make it difficult to decide how to make the most of your valuable holiday time. We have devised a selection of 5 - 12 day itineraries which can, of course, be modified to your own specification. These itineraries are intended to give a broad view of the wonders and delights of the two most important cities of Morocco, Marrakech and Fes, small Berber villages and spectacular mountain scenery of the Middle and High Atlas Mountains as well as the breathtaking open spaces of the Sahara Desert with its canyons, gorges, rivers, palm groves, kasbahs and mud-built villages, the colours, the textures, the different clothing of its charming inhabitants and of course the varied Saharan architecture.
Very few countries can offer such a glorious array of new and diverse experiences as Morocco. A country with one foot in a glittering past and the other, most assuredly, in the present. No single image can really capture its elusive essence. There is sun, surf and sand in abundance, and then there is the Morocco of the Imperial Cities with their age-old monuments and teeming souks. But behind them both - often only a short drive away - is the eternal, unchanging Morocco of drowsy villages, olive groves and palm-clad oases, monumental peaks, (often snow-clad) and spiritual sun and wind ravaged deserts in the south.
From our immense experience of Morocco, we are able to advise you on an itinerary to suit your particular interests and requirements. We developed a few itineraries that morocco has always been known of. Just e-mail us with all your details and we will tailor make an appropriate one for you.

Suggested Itineraries in Morocco: